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Best erotic shows in Europe

The legality of prostitution in Europe varies by country. But even if it is illicit in some countries, it does not mean that you cannot have fun with an erotic massage or while watching an exquisite erotic show. Europe’s erotic scene is ample and many shows and festivals will keep you excited for at least several hours. Here are the best erotic shows that you should not miss this year in European countries.

Be delighted by an unforgettable show

If you will get to Geneva, Switzerland, in this April, make sure you will get tickets for the Extasia show. The guest stars will be Nikita Belluci and Rocco Siffredi and they will present this amazing erotic show in Stade de Geneve. As an erotic and sex fair, this event will keep you enticed for days if you purchase your tickets in advance. Naked stars will be on stage, covered in milk or oil and those who pay fair enough will get to touch them and have some fun nearby these porn stars.

The UK’s number one erotic trade show will occur this year in 12th-13th June in Birmingham. Showcase your company here, exhibit your business with the Erotic Trade Only Show and attend to see the huge amount of niche erotic suppliers. If you will be accompanied by a beautiful escort, she will show you what type of products are most popular amongst clients. You can even see how certain products work and even get something as a souvenir.

Visit Poitiers in France this year on September and attend to Europolis, this erotic show and exhibition where you will get to watch incredible erotic episodes. Sexy artists will perform live on scene and have striptease shows to arouse your imagination and cause you fantasies that will need to be fulfilled with your tempting companion. Attend to Europolis accompanied by a beautiful lady from London Escort Guide and she will sure try her best to make your dreams come true.

Meet a ravishing lady from London Escorts

If you are planning a trip to Berlin this October, you just cannot miss Venus Berlin, this event where the Crème de la Crème will be present. Top class parties and hot shows will be performed on several scenes by the most popular erotic stars. The exclusive atmosphere will be entertained by numerous amateurs and porn stars that will offer you the hottest erotic show. You can book a VIP table or VIP Lounge if you want to benefit of the best treatments along with your sweet companion from Escorts like those from

Love, passion and lust will be wonderfully celebrated at Erofest Prague, in Czech Republic on November. Fashion trends, plastic surgery and erotic shows will be exhibited during this event. You can receive an erotic massage or be a part of a hot show when your fantasies will meet reality. Taste delicious chocolate from the sweet body of an erotic star, learn how to use certain sexy toys and talk with starlets who lit up your imagination every time when you see them.

Book your tickets in advance if you wish to enjoy the special treatments on these erotic shows. Go there accompanied by a lovely lady from Escorts and be certain that you will not miss anything!